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Learn to navigate the gym like a BOSS!

We understand that joining a gym or trying a new fitness program can be nerve-wracking and intimidating. 

And that's precisely why we have created the 'UGL beginners fitness program.' 


This 4-week program is specifically designed for novices such as yourself interested in learning the ins and out's of strength training from the ground up.


➡️ Discover imbalances, instability, or immobility that you may have and resolve them once and for all!   


➡️ Learn proper weight lifting techniques. 


➡️ Learn how to choose the adequate exercises to achieve your goals effectively, efficiently, and safely based on your experience, your physical capabilities, and your desired outcome.


➡️ Learn the name of exercises and the function of each. 


➡️ Learn fitness etiquette and much more! 



4 Weeks of Fitness Training

designed for beginners like you!

The program starts on June 6th! 
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Learn the Basics

Our experienced Strength Coach will teach you everything you need to know to walk around the gym like a boss! We'll cover functional movements such as squatting, pressing overhead, pulling weight off the ground, twisting, and much more.   

Friends Working Out

Practice the Movements 

This isn't a sit and learn type of shin-dig! We'll be walking you through the ultimate training program to let you practice the movements and perfect your technique! Learning how to move correctly is key.  

Build Muscle and Shed Fat

And yes - the ultimate goal is to learn.  But we want to see you shed fat and build muscle along the way! So we guarantee to help jump-start your fitness goals! Our goal is that by the end you will have an understanding of what you need to do and what habits need to be created in order to achieve the body you want and deserve.  

4-Week strength training for the novice!

Train 3 times per week, for 4 weeks with one of our expert coaches at the Underground Lab in a training program designed just for beginners like you! 


Learn the basics of training with 

no fear or intimidation!


Here's our 4-week Beginners Fitness Itinerary: 



STEP 1: Partake in a series of movement screenings that will determine any muscle imbalances, asymmetries, weakness, mobility, or stability issues you may have. We'll tailor a corrective plan precisely for you to address those findings.


STEP 2: General preparation phase- Learn a series of exercises to batter those imbalances and proceed to a fitness training program that will yield the results you want and deserve. 


STEP 3: Learn how to choose the adequate exercises to achieve your goals effectively, efficiently, and safely based on your experience, your physical capabilities, and your desired outcome.


STEP 4: It's time to work! Now that we know the 'why' and the 'how', we'll put that new knowledge into action. We will be training together 3 times per week for the 4 weeks and expect to feel more comfortable, knowledgable, and amazing during your training regimen. 



We'll orient you to the second phase of your training program, where we'll introduce you to a more refined and individualized training regimen that will maximize your efforts. During this phase, we will also cover nutrition. Let's phase it; there is no such thing as 'out working a bad diet', so we will give you all the information, knowledge, and tools you need to bring nutrition and fitness together once and for all! 


If there's ever a "perfect" time to change your life, it's in the spring. Warming weather, more hours of daylight, and new buds on trees have a way of making you want to turn over a new leaf of your own, and the UGL Beginners Course will help you do it! 

Let's Talk Price  

The enrollment fee for this program is $67.


BUT here's the cool part!


Stay committed and attend 10 of the 12 sessions, 

and you'll get to choose from either a full refund on your initial investment or get Phase 2 of our program absolutely FREE!


Given the level of attention each participant deserves and will receive, we're only taking on ten action-takers. However, given the popularity of this program, spots will go fast, so reserve your spot today!   


Yep, we're serious! We just want to help motivate you to stay committed and trust the process.  After this course ends, we promise you'll be able to walk around ANY gym like a BOSS!

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3-Month Unlimited Fitness Modules: 


Monday: 5:30 PM

Tuesday: 5:30 PM

Wednesday: 5:30 PM


We start June 6 and wrap up our final session on June 30! 

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