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About The Lab

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The Underground Lab, a fitness studio located in Lawrence, KS, has been a cornerstone of health and wellness since its establishment in 2009. Founded by Fernando Rodriguez, the studio quickly gained recognition by utilizing a well-rounded mix of innovation, inspiration, and diversity. That approach provided a unique and inclusive fitness experience backed by results-driven training programs that were ahead of their time.


In 2023, the reins of The Underground Lab were passed from Fernando, who started the company and drove it to accomplish goal after goal while serving the Lawrence community and surrounding areas, to Daniel Barajas, a boxing coach and Kansas City, KS native. Under Daniel's leadership,The Lab has recruited new trainers of different disciplines and backgrounds to meet the ever-changing needs of our diverse community. Even though our studio is built on strength and power training, Olympic lifting, gymnastics, athletic speed and agility training, general strength and conditioning, bodybuilding, and mobility coaching, it continues to evolve with our clientele's growing and improving physical capabilities that come with the gains they make in the studio.

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At The Underground Lab, we believe in fostering a supportive community where individuals of all fitness levels can thrive. Whether you're a seasoned fitness enthusiast or just starting your wellness journey, our experienced trainers are dedicated to helping you achieve your objectives.


We take pride in creating an atmosphere that promotes not only physical strength but also mental resilience. The Underground Lab is not just a place to work out; it's a space where individuals come together to pursue their fitness goals, build lasting connections, and embrace a healthier lifestyle.


Join us at The Underground Lab and experience fitness in a setting that values your individual journey while pushing teamwork and group support. With a history rooted in passion and a future dedicated to innovation, we invite you to be a part of our inclusive and welcoming fitness community that makes up the UGL Nation!

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