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Daniel Barajas

Amateur and Professional Boxing Coach
Fitness Trainer

Born: October 30, 1988

Originally from: Kansas City, KS

Hometown: Lawrence, KS (July 2013)

meet the owner

Originally born and raised in Kansas City, KS of 1988, Daniel made his home in Lawrence, KS in 2013 with his girlfriend, Marren. Just before they married in 2015, he took up a coaching opportunity at the Summit Downtown where he began teaching personal boxing sessions and group boxing classes. After a successful 2 years of running the Summit's boxing program, he left the basement of the gym and established Animal Kingdom Boxing a year later in 2018. In June of 2021, at the advice of UGL founder and former owner Fernando Rodriguez, Daniel left his job as a City of Lawrence solid waste employee and began coaching full time out of The Underground Lab. A short time further, he was blessed with the position of taking ownership of the Lab in January of 2023.

From the time he began his childhood baseball career and on, fitness and physical activity have always been a go-to for relating to Coach Daniel. His love for baseball shifted to boxing in 2006 and soon after, shifted again to include different styles of training to become better at the sport. From gymnastics training to Crossfit to yoga and back to boxing, he put himself through it to experience firsthand what other parts of the fitness world looked like. Having the privilege of training fighters, First Responders, and general fitness participants over the course of 17 years, Coach Daniel brings a version of fitness to anybody looking to get in shape in a unique and fun way with boxing being his primary tool of choice in getting people in mental, emotional, and physical shape. While sticking close to the roots of boxing's old school fundamentals, he's able to take your fitness to the next level. Being the type of trainer he is, you'll learn to throw the perfect jab but you'll also learn why fighters should never go into a fight without it. Working with pros and amateurs who were fighting for prizes and charities, Daniel utilizes his ring time to bring out a different type of motivation and drive from people who may not have known it was in them. The 16 years spent in the world of boxing and fitness has given him a unique perspective on how to get you ready to crush your workouts. His experience through training camps, visiting big boxing cities, sparring hundreds of rounds with as many boxers, and being certified by USA Boxing as a registered boxing coach for the youth of the sport and the Box N' Burn Academy, you're sure to get a workout that will have you ready for anything life has to offer up!

"I LOVE seeing people get better, do better, and live better. Fitness is an all-around great tool that helps you get there. Of course, I'm biased towards boxing and that's because I've seen what it can do for people's overall wellbeing. But whether it's this sport, another sport, or the different FitMods it is that we run in the Underground Lab, learning different styles of fitness changes people's lives. It most certainly changed mine! My goal is to achieve that same level of change within other people. If you have your eyes set on a physical goal like losing weight, getting more fit, become a little more active, learn a new skill, learn a new lift, whatever else, I'm here for it. If it's the mental game you want to improve like wanting to feel more accomplished, feel more confident, or feel better about yourself overall, I'm here for it. Whatever goals you have set for yourself, those will become my goals when we start training together.
I'll be in your corner the whole way through! Lets get it!"
- Coach Daniel -

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