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Kick a$$ workouts performed the UGL way. Athletic playground, big tunes, and plenty of endorphin-raising moves to work up a sweat.

Become more in twenty-two. Get started today and get off the calorie-burning hamster-wheel forever with our unlimited adrenaline-packed, total body workouts and achieve the best version of yourself once and for all with the help of our FitMods. Hands-down, the most well-rounded, most effective group training program in LFK. 


Fitness Modules are our version of group training. These are the fun, fast-paced Fat-Burning HIIT Workouts that the UGL is known for!


Total body reboot with unlimited access to our widely popular and adrenaline-packed, fat-torching, anti-boring workouts where we lift, sculpt, get strong and inspire you to become the best version of yourself.


 ➤ Those who want to SKYROCKET their energy levels & get rid of the mid-afternoon energy slumps.

➤ Those who want to get back on track with their nutrition so you can LOOK & FEEL great every day.

➤ Those who are sick and tired of starting over & are ready for LASTING CHANGE.

➤ ​​​Those who want a PROVEN plan to get the results they deserve so they can feel even more amazing than ever.

➤ ​​​Those who want to achieve their best version of themselves and make a huge impact in 2022 and beyond! 
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Prepare to test your endurance as you tackle the cardio killers that are the assault bike and rower. These are incorporated with rounds on our infamous UGL rig, where you'll get down and dirty with Weight sequences, the ultimate playground for bodyweight, kettlebell, and pull-up bar moves. Designed to work your entire body, boost your fitness, rev up your endurance, and build and tone muscle for a complete sweat-inducing session.

Below are the workout styles that you will find inside the fitness module workout rotation. 


Focuses on short sharp bursts to push you like you never thought possible. You'll be going hell for leather on the bike, rower, bodyweight, and rig in short rounds with short rests in between. It's guaranteed to boost both your fitness and enduring capacity.


Focuses on cardio and building your aerobic capacity. There'll still be plenty of dumbbell and kettlebell work, but expect to go all out on the bike, ski, and rower to take your fitness to the next level.


We focus on building your strength and improving your power output. Expect plenty of time using your bodyweight, dumbbells, kettlebells, and time under the bar.


During these workouts, you'll work together for a common goal. Think calorie, distance, fitness challenges, goals, rep counts, and more. Whether you're with friends or coming alone, you're guaranteed to push each other to the limit while having tons of fun.


The focus is mobility development, joint strength, and body control.

Class Schedule

Dec 11 - Dec 17














  • Best Value


    Every 28 days
    • Unlimited Fitness Modules
    • Unlimited Use of Studio (5a-8p)
    • Nutrition Guidance
    • Accountability
    • Monthly Body Composition Testing

Here at the UGL, we help busy and dedicated individuals just like you become healthier and fitter so that you can feel sexy and happy doing the things you enjoy doing!


Undergrounders are a group of oddballs, with a quirky sense of humor, unique stories and a unique set of obstacles. We live by a code of optimism, passion, and relentless work ethic that keeps us moving forward. We thrive on taking the 'half full approach' in life and enjoy supporting one another.


No matter your unique talent, story, or obstacle, we welcome you with open arms. 

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