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When it comes to working out, having a good range of motion in your muscles and joints helps. Our mobility training program, which consists of both yoga and FRC, is designed to help you attain that good range of motion much more effectively. We emphasize quality over quantity by utilizing functional training exercises that are sure to challenge your body and improve your strength, stability, balance, and get you moving forward towards your fitness and health goals much more comfortably.

Most of us know and understand the great benefits yoga has to offer with things like reducing stress, improving posture and flexibility, and increase overall health. The FRC System was developed by movement specialist Dr. Andreo Spina. FRC, or Functional Range Conditioning, is a system of joint health and mobility training based on scientific principles and research. The FRC System of training applies scientific methods to expanding the active, usable range of motion. One of the primary bits of information that you are first taught in regards to FRC is the difference between Flexibility and Mobility. Flexibility is the ability to passively achieve an extended range of motion, whereas Mobility is the ability to control ranges of motion. The definition of mobility is what Functional Range Conditioning is all about.​ With FRC we are trying to expand our articular ranges of motion, while also teaching the central nervous system how to control these ranges of motion as well. FRC will also allow us to induce progressive adaptations for tissue preparation and safety.

So, whether you want your body right for competition or you just want to improve it for every day use, Functional Range Conditioning and Yoga are the best forms of fitness for your routine.




Every 28 days

Unlimited FRC/Yoga

Valid until canceled

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