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Fernando Rodriguez

Project Manager




MA. Exercise Physiology




Since March 2005


Before we begin, I'd like to welcome you to the underground lab!  We are thrilled you've selected the Underground Lab as your new employer and #fitnessfam. We pride ourselves on having the very best teammates and fitness professionals around.

In this course, you will find everything needed to get you fully integrated into the UGLNATION quickly and effectively. 

First, you'll have to go through this entire course. Please pay as much attention as the information you will learn here will be valuable and required for you to hit the ground running. Everything in this course is specifically designed to make you a successful and effective trainer at the underground lab and beyond.

After completing this course, you'll meet with your team partner to ensure you have all your questions answered, go over the content application, and get you fully integrated. 


Online Course (1-3 Days) 

Shodown/Coaching assistance
(5-7 Days)

Your First Solo Session(s)

We have laid out everything you need in this short online portal from position description to paperwork needed etc so that you can have it accessible at all times if you ever need to revert back to it. Once you complete the course, one of your teammates will go over the information with you, assuring that any questions you may have are fully answered. Comments, questions, and concerns are all welcomed! 

This portion of your onboarding puts the focus on getting to know your new team and most importantly the UGL community. This phase is all about you getting to know the members as much as possible. The more comfortable people feel with you and vice-versa, the more effective and efficient your onboarding process will be. 

You're ready to begin your training sessions!  Don't worry we'll be there with you every step of the way. We just ask that you be yourself, get out of your comfort zone and give us full effort because we will do the same for you! Let's get it! 

Let's Get

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Please fill out the following paperwork. 



This position is all about creating fun, exciting, and rewarding HIIT experiences for our members. The identity of a FitMod coach should be passionate, optimistic, and detail-oriented. A person that can talk to anyone, and would enjoy contributing to a world-class fitness experience. An individual who would go all-in on an 80’s themed workout and might just drop and do a few burpees for fun with the members. 

As a FitMod Coach, you will be responsible for delivering scientifically predesigned workouts per session. This position requires a strong ability to coach, manage time and motivate multiple clients in a group setting. A UGL coach must focus on well-rounded fitness workouts, including endurance, strength, and power, using the tools given to optimize the client’s experience and results.


  • Assist in programming fun, high-intensity, and fast-paced fitness module workouts. 

  • Delivering predesigned workouts to groups of up to 12+ clients per session

  • Energizing and motivating clients throughout their workout sessions

  • Developing client rapport to sustain and retain UGL attendance and current clientele. 

  • Ensuring the safety of participants in regards to heart rate and exercise technique, which may include modified exercises to accommodate various skill levels

  • Assisting the UGL Sales Associates with studio tours, member inquiries, and studio sales follow-ups

  • Attending and participating in monthly fitness staff meetings and community workouts. 

  • You will also be responsible for providing studio members with a best-in workout customer experience.  

  • Paramount that we provide the cleanest environment possible by cleaning before and after each training session. 


  • Welcome every member as they enter the facility.

  • Before the training session starts, mingle with clients that are already there. Please do your best to help them speak amongst each other. 

  • If it's someone's first time or is in a trial phase, introduce them to a few people, so they don't feel isolated and introduce them to the entire group during the warm-up phase, so they feel welcome. 

  • Assure that all equipment needed is laid out ahead of time and all stations are set for the designated workout.

  • Be prepared. Know the movements ahead of time, and be sure you know the training format ahead of time. 

  • As members walk in, sign them out using the mind-body app to charge account. 

  • Be enthusiastic, assertive, helpful, and motivating. 

  • Be sure to pick a high-paced music playlist before the training session to keep the clients in that high-intensity tempo.  

  • Must wear the microphone so that everyone can hear you clearly over the music. 

  • Demonstrate every movement before starting the particular block of the workout. Be sure everyone understands what you're asking of them.  

  • During the session, walk around, check forms, motivate and keep the member's safety at the forefront. 

  • Please have the awareness to capture fun moments and share them with our social media communities. Always be on the lookout for opportunities to take great pictures/videos. This is paramount for the success and enthusiasm of the Fitness Modules. 


  • After the training session, please thank everyone for attending and share any announcements that may need to be relayed to the group.

  • Begin picking up the equipment or get ready for the next group session. 

  • Look up at the Roster Spreadsheet and see if there are any people that need to be reached out to. 

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