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In our fitness studio, we live by the mantra, "Your goals become our goals." Our Underground Lab trainers will showcase the dedication to back that statement up with each new client they take on. Each trainer brings a wealth of fitness expertise, unique backgrounds and personalities, and personal interests outside the gym, showcasing the true diversity of our fitness community. Although they differ in many ways, they each share a collective conviction: the belief that exercise-driven movement has the power to prevent, cure, fix, and elevate your life to levels previously unimagined and to a degree you never thought possible! 

They are not just trainers; they are the life-changing influence you've been searching for!


First introducing the  #1 go-to guy at the UGL, Trey Fink! Originally from Wilson, Kansas with over a decade of lifting experience and two years of coaching under his belt, Trey is no stranger to the world of fitness.


Trey holds a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science from the University of Kansas, showcasing his dedication and passion for the field. In his younger days, Trey was a standout athlete, juggling multiple sports including basketball, football, baseball, and track and field. Additionally, he has three years of powerlifting experience and has also taken part in the Kansas Eight-Man Football Association State Competition.


Beyond his commitment to fitness, Trey enjoys spending his free time engaged in outdoor activities such as hiking and relaxing at the lake. Additionally, he has a love for traveling and indulging in video games on occasion.



Regarding mobility, the first person who should come to mind is Eudora native Evan Cleveland. If it doesn't, you definitely should come in to see why.


As a former three-sport athlete in football, basketball, and baseball, Evan has specialized in body weight movements for over a decade. Additionally, he has dedicated four years to training mobility and joint health, earning himself a certification as an FRC mobility trainer to compliment his 200-hour yoga certification.


Evan's favorite outdoor activities intertwine with his passion for overall well-being. When he's not helping clients balance on their hands in pursuit of perfecting their handstand, or training somebody how to control each of their vertebrae, he's spending his time taking cuts on the golf course, coaching teen boys baseball, or planning and executing his next camping trip.



With a fun-loving attitude and a competitive spirit, enter Kenna LaRue! Originally from Iowa, Kenna has made impressive strides in her personal fitness journey.


A former softball player, volleyball player, and Baker University student, she also obtained a certificate in accounting. Kenna would then gravitate towards weightlifting to gain muscle and broaden her horizons. This decision led her down a path of knowledge and growth to pick up 7 years of experience in the gym space.


Kenna's competition-driven nature truly shines when it comes to bodybuilding. She started competing in the women's figure category 6 years ago and hasn't looked back since. With numerous shows across the Midwest, Kenna has secured impressive placements. She has claimed 1st in Masters Figure, achieved multiple 2nd place finishes in Open Figure, and proudly emerged as the 1st place winner of Ms Kansas Figure.


When Kenna isn't working hard in the gym or on stage, she enjoys live music, hiking, and traveling. All of which are passions that bring her joy and inspiration.



Bringing in a little flavor from the northeast, Brendan Voutsinas comes from the world of Crossfit in the New York area. With 6 years of committed dedication to his fitness journey, Brendan also boasts over 5 years of coaching experience.


He holds an Associates degree in Human Performance and Health Promotion from SUNY Morrisville in addition to being a certified NASM Personal Trainer and Level 1 CrossFit Trainer. Brendan is no stranger to competition either, having competed in the CrossFit Open for 3 years and is currently training for his 4th year with aspirations of making it to the Quarterfinals.


When he's not perfecting his Olympic lifts, you’ll spot Brendan looking for his next hole-in-one on the disc golf course.




Hailing from Wichita, KS, say hey to Daniel Byers. With 12 years of lifting experience under his belt, Daniel's fitness journey has been nothing short of amazing. He successfully shed 50 pounds of fat and transformed his body by gaining an impressive amount of muscle mass.


But Daniel's expertise doesn't stop there. In his previous role as a physical therapist assistant, he has also worked extensively with various injuries and pathologies. Daniel's educational background is just as diverse as his fitness journey. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education, an Associates of Science - Physical Therapy Assistant, and an Associate of Fine Arts in Music.


Having competed in October of 2023 and taking the top spot on the podium, he now has some hardware to prove his strength among the community. Daniel enjoys spending time engaged in his favorite activities which include fireside chats, hunting, hiking, and fishing.


Katie is a dynamic 24-year-old fitness enthusiast originally from Wilson, KS. With 8 years of lifting experience and 5 years of specialized strength and conditioning training, Katie is a force to be reckoned with.


Equipped with a Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology from Kansas State University and a Minor in Nutrition, Katie is well-educated in physical fitness. She also holds a NASM Certification for Certified Personal Training (NASM CPT). She is certified in virtual coaching as well and began operating her own S&C program 5 years ago for teenage girl athletes between the ages of 11 and 18 years old.


Katie's athletic background involves volleyball, basketball, and cheerleading. She has even ventured into powerlifting, and her dedication to running shines through her achievements. Notably, she finished 3rd overall in the women's division of a half marathon with an impressive time of 2:34.07. She also secured 2nd place in her age group (20-29) in a 10K race and achieved 1st and 3rd place in two 5K races within her age group (20-29).


When she's not helping clients crush their fitness goals, Katelyn enjoys engaging in fun sports like basketball, sand volleyball, disc golf, and spike ball. She also loves hiking, relaxing at the lake, and cherishes quality time with her family.



From a young age, Andrew was captivated by the electrifying world of boxing. Recalling countless watch parties with loved ones, he fell head over heels for the adrenaline-fueled sport. With an innate calling to try it for himself, Andrew's boxing journey kicked off at a Gold's Gym in Shawnee, KS, under the guidance of the esteemed coach known as "Sarge." Fate would later lead him to stumble upon the LFK's own Haskell Boxing Club, forever altering his trajectory.


Following the club's closure in 2017, Andrew's commitment to the sport led him to Coach Daniel who would eventually start up Animal Kingdom Boxing. As he put in the hours alongside Coach Daniel, it's fair to say he's exceeded earning his place an AKB trainer.

When Andrew isn't holding mitts or instructing the young boxing prospects of the gym, you'll catch him at a live music show, walking his dog, or looking for the next PPV boxing get-together.


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