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Strength & Power

Hailing from Wichita, KS, say hey to Daniel Byers. With 12 years of lifting experience under his belt, Daniel's fitness journey has been nothing short of amazing. He successfully shed 50 pounds of fat and transformed his body by gaining an impressive amount of muscle mass.

But Daniel's expertise doesn't stop there. In his previous role as a physical therapist assistant, he has also worked extensively with various injuries and pathologies. Daniel's educational background is just as diverse as his fitness journey. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education, an Associates of Science - Physical Therapy Assistant, and an Associate of Fine Arts in Music.

Exciting things are on the horizon for Daniel as he gears up to compete in strength competitions this coming October. And when he's not preparing for his place on the podium next month, Daniel enjoys spending time engaged in his favorite activities which include fireside chats, hunting, hiking, and fishing.


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