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With a fun-loving attitude and a competitive spirit, enter Kenna LaRue! Originally from Iowa, Kenna has made impressive strides in her personal fitness journey.

A former softball player, volleyball player, and Baker University student, she also obtained a certificate in accounting. Kenna would then gravitate towards weightlifting to gain muscle and broaden her horizons. This decision led her down a path of knowledge and growth to pick up 7 years of experience in the gym space.

Kenna's competition-driven nature truly shines when it comes to bodybuilding. She started competing in the women's figure category 6 years ago and hasn't looked back since. With numerous shows across the Midwest, Kenna has secured impressive placements. She has claimed 1st in Masters Figure, achieved multiple 2nd place finishes in Open Figure, and proudly emerged as the 1st place winner of Ms Kansas Figure.

When Kenna isn't working hard in the gym or on stage, she enjoys live music, hiking, and traveling. All of which are passions that bring her joy and inspiration.


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