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Our training modules are set to give you a real workout that will provide real results. We strive to improve your overall wellbeing both physically and mentally and through the fitness programs we have developed, together we can catch that goal of achieving the better versions of yourself that you've been chasing after.



Just needing a place to get your reps in? The Lab can either be your quiet, intimate getaway or your loud, chaotic training temple to smash your workout. With the Studio Pass, you'll be granted access to the UGL studio whenever you need it. 

- THRIVE30 - 

30 minutes. 3 levels. In. Out, Done. The most efficient training system for those who need a quick fix for the day but limited on time. We understand people have busy schedules and so we've designed a workout with YOU in mind. Give it a shot and see if this 30-minute workout becomes a regular part of your weekly routine.
*Spots are limited*



Think you're comfortable moving the way you are now? Or do you already know that your range of motion is a little limited? Get with our mobility and yoga instructor and get a whole new look at the new you after a few sessions of learning how to use your body more efficiently.


Non-boring, high energy workouts that will produce real results. Not the 'show up and get sweaty' type of classes that other gyms are putting on. What we do is proven and will exceed your expectations with athletic-based strength and conditioning circuits.



No cookie-cut workouts here. You'll get a tailored training regiment designed around you to get you to your goals. We'll be with you every step of the way from the workout itself to your nutrition to get you looking and feeling your best!

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